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A Rare Breed

How often do you hear of clothing items that are made by hand these days? What about handmade in Italy, a country with a history of manufacturing and tailoring that spans generations? Every season, we work with Italian tailor artisans in Tuscany to create our garments. From design meetings and pattern-making to the sourcing of luxury fabrics and the careful construction of your coat, our entire process is carried out in the country that invented all the best things in life: pasta, pizza, gelato and, of course, Tempo. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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Handmade For a Reason

While we explore all types of manufacturing innovation in Italy to bring you the best in foundational outerwear, our design DNA is based on a classic Italian coat manufacturing style called double-face construction. Double-face construction bonds two pieces of fabric together to create a warm yet flexible and fluid garment. Double-facing keeps you from looking bulky and weighed-down, even when wearing a maxi coat. From season to season, many of our garments rely on this process. And best of all, the double-face manufacturing process is extra special because it can only be achieved by hand.

Fabric Quality is Integral

We only use pure fabrics sourced in Italy and made from 100% natural materials like wool, cashmere and alpaca. We do this because these materials last the longest, hold dye beautifully, don't damage the environment and provide the best in air-light warmth.

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