Tempo Italy Still Life Image

Because your coat needs love too

Your gorgeous new coat is going to get a lot of use, so we’re going to help you keep it looking fresh. With every purchase of a Tempo coat you will receive complimentary Tempo care and store products. See below for deets!

Our garment bags allow your coat to breathe on its days off.

...and we give you a hanger, so your coat stays sleek and wrinkle-free (womp womp).

Each Tempo coat also comes with a sachet of dried lavender and rose petals. Use it with your hanger to keep things smelling fresh and pretty.

And don't forget to work in a periodic de-linting session with our custom and complimentary travel lint roller. While it sounds cute, no one ever looked adorbs as a dust bunny!

We hope you love your Tempo coat just as much as we do. We’ll be right here when you come back for your next one. And your next. And … well.