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It all started when we recognized the influence that high-quality outerwear can have over your attitude, overall look and—let's face it—your battle against the elements. It's your daily armor, so we set out to produce polished European-made wardrobe staples for every facet of your lifestyle. Every season, we strive to make garments so transcendent that they can be worn to the office with a tailored pant and a mule, or pared back to an athleisure look with a sneaker on your Sunday coffee run. Our design DNA was conceived in providing air-light warmth and comfort because we believe your clothes should enhance your lifestyle, not weigh you down.

Oh, and did we mention the fact that we proudly handmake our garments in Italy using only the finest 100% Florentine materials?

The last thing you throw on. The first thing they see. Welcome to Tempo. It's nice to meet you.

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Italian Integrity

The Important Stuff

We know that a garment constructed by a skilled tailor and made from quality fabric is high on the checklist when it comes to making a wardrobe investment. Yes, we live in a world of fast fashion and that can be fun—hey, we're guilty of shopping high-low too—but at Tempo we pride ourselves on being a mainstay in your closet. Our outerwear is about outfit empowerment, but more importantly, we feel a responsibility to deliver quality to a garment where quality is due! You wear your coat Every. Single. Day. Don't you want it to last longer than one season? With longevity of product in mind, where better to make our goods than in the world's epicenter of fabric and clothing manufacturing? Tempo is handmade in Tuscany, a 30-minute drive from Florence, and we're incredibly proud of that.

Tempo Italy Campaign Image
Tempo Italy Campaign Image Tempo Italy Campaign Image

Outfit Empowerment

...Feeling Good on the Outside Radiates from the Inside

A coat is a pragmatic item in your closet, but it’s also so much more. At Tempo, we do more than just surround you with warmth and beauty; we like to think our garments create an effortless foundation for you to build upon when taking on the day. Just like swiping on a killer lipstick or taking a brand-spanking new handbag out for a spin, a Tempo coat is the trusted final touch to your look that gives you that extra kick of confidence.

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